DoughGetters is a strategic accounting partner that offers a wide range of services for SME’s in South Africa using a large network of bookkeepers, accountants and other professionals in the financial field.



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We offer prospective franchisees the opportunity to join one of the few pioneering accounting businesses in the world to be the future of accounting. You can plug in to our existing digital platform, trade as DoughGetters Accounting ™, own your own business without having to recreate something we have already created over the last eight years and receive excellent marketing, business and practice development support.

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Marketing, business and practice development support

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Franchisee Testimonials

Conrad Frohling

"Articulating what I understand from, have experienced and gained from DoughGetters during my short time with you, is not an easy task. I don't quite know how to explain the 'what and the why's'. DoughGetters is just...different. It has challenged me professionally, but almost more spiritually, mentally and physically. The team leaders have a way of instilling their passions and drive onto their peers, which is something I have never seen done in the professional industry before. In short, I wanted a piece of that pie!"

Michiel Heyns Claassen

“DoughGetters is glad nie soos enige ander rekeningkundige firma waarmee ek al gewerk het nie. Tegnologie en innovasie is die basis waarop kliënte se ervaring gebou word. As 'n eenmansaak het ek besef dat daar seker voordele is om as deel van die DoughGetters groep te werk. Ons is ‘n kernwaarde is familie en soos enige familie is daar sekere lede wat meer ondervinding in ander industriee, ervaring en die nodige kundigheid as sekere andere maar ons kan altyd op mekaar staatmaak en leer constant van die ander. Daardeur het dit my instaatgestel om 'n wyer omvang van professionele dienste vir my kliente te kan bied. As besigheid's eienaar binne die DoughGetters groep is jy nogsteeds in beheer van die daaglikse bedrywighede terwyl die bemarking in die voorgrond voortgrond.”

Kenneth Coetzer

"6 Reasons why DoughGetters is the best decision I ever made. Peter Drucker, management guru said that culture eats strategy for breakfast. I am certain that he didn’t mean that strategy was unimportant. Rather that a powerful and empowering culture was a surer route to organizational success. "

Herman Haarhoff

“I heard about their forward-way of thinking and wanted to get a taste for myself. DoughGetters Accounting has been everything I could have ever wished for.....friendly people, everyone more than willing to help.”

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We are a proud member of FASA!

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