DoughGetters is a strategic accounting partner that offers a wide range of services for SME’s in South Africa using a large network of bookkeepers, accountants and other professionals in the financial field.


About Us

What we do

The ingredients of an Artisan Sourdough are pretty standard, but the end result has a unique outcome, making the method as much an art as it is a science.
The same applies to financial accounting and reporting, the ingredients and principles are standard but the application and outcome for each business are unique.
At DoughGetters, we combine the latest accounting technology with tailored support from our masterbakers to create an accounting solution that is simple, dynamic and wholesome.
DoughGetters enables you to get a handle on your dough with the aim to raise you up and make on-the-go strategic decisions, with remote access to your real time business financial position, performance and cash flow. Like the Artisan baker using the best ingredients and taking care to ensure the bread rises, we put the same attention and care into your business and financial needs, offering not only solid ingredients for success but tailoring them to your specific business needs.

We've got you covered.

From bookkeeping, taxes and payroll to accounting and financial advice -
we've got you and your business covered.

Outsourced bookkeeping and accounting – bakers at the ready

We offer a full range of outsourced services, including bookkeeping, accounting, payroll, Tax Compliance and company secreterial support.

Cloud accounting with Xero – a wholewheat solution

Xero together with a range of plug-in’s, is an important ingredient in our recipe for success. Xero’s cloud accounting solution is real-time, user-friendly and extremely efficient.

Financial statements – the proof is in the bread

Together with timeless, accurate attention to detail the end result will reflect the care taken in creating the product.

Business Support – we roll out the dough, you raise it

The chemistry of skill, precision, consistency and passion of the DoughtGetters team is like the aroma of freshly-baked bread that has the power to make your mouth water. Business plans, valuations, budgets, management and financial reports, special purpose analysis, feasibility studies is all part of this chemistry.

Your trusted partner taking care of your dough while offering a fit-for-purpose professional bookkeeping, accounting and tax complience services to SME’s in South Africa.

Team of Master Bakers

Here at DoughGetters we work with a vast network of bookkeepers, accountants and other financial specialists. Below you'll find our Management Team.


Willem Haarhoff CA(SA)

CEO & Founder

I'm an energetic, forward-thinking and innovative small business value creator with more than 20 years multi-national experience as a chartered accountant.


Murray Barnetson CA(SA)


Good financial management is absolutely key to the success of any business.


Jeanette vd Walt

Senior Accountant

As a bookkeeper honesty, integrity and loyalty go hand in hand.


Suzette Laubscher

Senior Accountant

I absolutely love working on Xero! The automation, diverse plug-in’s and remote accessibilty has made bookkeeping a beautiful experience.


Melissa du Plooy

Marketing & Client Relations

I love being part of this smart and quirky team who have the vision to see businesses sore.


Anja Louw

As rain falls from the clouds and bring forth life, we embrace the latest cloud accounting technology that brings life and meaning to your business.