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Our phyllo pastry (philosophy): Team D’OH promises wind beneath your wings

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We help you make more time to:

Grow sales. Continuously improve your product and service quality. Sustainably grow cash profits.

How? Ximple. By doing accounting and business admin only once, properly and plugged-in to Xero.

Team D’OH has transitioned all our business units and franchises to the cloud, and it shows.

We commit to do the same for your business: to be the accounting and business admin wind beneath your wings, with Xero and a selection of 700+ integrated apps, served by DoughGetters Ximple.

This will help you plan and execute your strategy more efficiently, effectively and economically.

Around Xero at its heart – your financial publishing hub – we design your business eco-system with you.

Transition from paper, mistakes, losses and repeat-admin to cloud, time-and-money saving and one-time admin – life will never be the same!

Willem Haarhoff

Digital Accounting Revolutionist
DoughGetters Accounting™

The long term survival of your business depends on your ability to push sales while you manage the quality of your products or service delivery in the most efficient and slick manner. You can’t afford to spend time on non-value adding routine administrative tasks – there are 100s of apps for that.

You’ve got a business to run and you should rather spend your limited time to focus on and execute your business strategy. Xero is a one-of-its-kind cloud-based digital platform which integrates with more than 700 other cloud-based apps. Our entire practice lives and breathes in the cloud – we’ve done it and we love it. Our clients agree.

Using Xero we can help you design, build and integrate your own unique digital cloud eco-system that works with your business. Run away from the paper-war and get your head in the cloud – your life will never be the same again!

Introducing Team D’OH!


Arifa Eussuf

Digital Accounting Connoisseur

Conrad Frohling

Digital Accounting Maestro

Herman Haarhoff

Digital Accounting Conductor

Kenneth Coetzer

Digital Accounting Narrator

Maggie Strydom

Digital Accounting Systems Designer

Melissa du Plooy

Digital Marketing Impressario

Michael Schiffman

Digital Accounting Ximplifier

Michelle Scott

Digital Accounting Interpreter

Michiel Claassen

Digital Accounting Ignitor

Murray Barnetson

Chief Customer Success and Happiness Officer

Nadia Warden

Digital Accounting Artiste

Rizwana Suliman

Digital Accounting Imagineer

Suzette Laubscher

Digital Accounting Artisan

Terry Gradidge

Digital Accounting Whiz

Willem Haarhoff

Digital Accounting Revolutionist


Where we are

DoughGetters is a cloud accounting platform that allows its team to provide a professional service from any location to any other location. For this reason, we are not geo-location specific restricted and have the opportunity to visit our clients.

We have members of our team based in the following locations…

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