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The DoughGetters menu: financial decision-making support, bookkeeping, accounting, tax, payroll and company secretarial support.

Xero is a key ingredient in your success recipe. Xero’s beautiful cloud accounting solution is real-time, designed with you, the business user, in mind. Log in anytime, anywhere, from any device.

DoughGetters’ digital accountants design your financial system with Xero at the centre [baked, wholesome bread] integratable with hundreds of possible apps [butter, spreads, preserves] to remove your unnecessary business admin.

We want you, as business owner, to taste this beautiful ximplicity as you grow your people, customer base, profits and cash.

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Map out a tailor-made business continuity plan.


Very few of our ‘life happens’ moments include advance notice, also in business. As business owners, we at DoughGetters feel you, and understand: it is also our reality. We are inspired by the entrepreneurial passion, courage & determination of the business sector, it challenges us to keep going!

 For an open, honest and empathic discussion about your business’ continuity plans, with coffee, kindly give us a call. Online, face-to-face, wherever you need us to help you #KeepHopeAlive

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Ahh … DoughGetters shows your profit on your phone, with breakfast coffee


Bookkeeping converts all your business transactions and documents to financial data in an accounting system, e.g. invoices, receipts, payroll, expenses etc.

Most bookkeeping is routine work, plus certain non-routine transactions. Traditional bookkeeping is manual, prone to errors and inconsistencies.

DoughGetters transforms your bookkeeping into a process with flow, accuracy, automation and joy.

We’ve seen that most of your bookkeeping can be automated through Xero and integratable apps, through DoughGetters Ximple. By adopting a hands-free approach to data capturing, you save time and improve accuracy. Free up your team’s time for more value-added and human-to-human tasks! 

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Taste beautiful accounting, wholesome & delicious.


Real-time, business-user-friendly financial info is like a good, freshly baked sourdough bread – distinct aroma, taste, texture. Wholesome and delicious. This is why DoughGetters chose Xero.

Business decisions are like travel decisions: where do you want to go, where are you now and how to get from here to there? Blending Xero and the best business admin and finance apps relevant to your business, DoughGetters helps you know exactly where you are, at this moment, and what you need to do to realise your business and financial goals.

Your vast improvements in admin and financial efficiency also frees our hands, as your accountants and business advisors. Being substantially free from routine and repetitive work allows us to spend more time reviewing and thinking about your financial results, to generate value-adding insights into your business’ sustainable growth journey.

Some of the artisanal outputs available from DoughGetters’ care-bakers:

Annual Financial Statements compilation, analysis & discussion, compliant with all legislation applicable to your business

Management accounts, when you want it, customised as you want it

Budgets & financial forecasts, including a discussion about your budget vs actual analysis, and scenario planning

Business plans, ensuring that your financial projections mirror the story-line woven by your business’ strategic framework, like a golden thread

Tax efficiency tastes real good


We realise that tax might be a touchy subject for you. DoughGetters strives to help you pay as little tax as legally possible. Your ideas about tax planning and structuring are always welcome at our coffee table – it is your tax affairs we are talking about, after all!

We are often surprised around braai fires with creative tax scheme ideas and tax avoidance plans, fueled by the fire of confident sophistication.

A ximple golden rule applies when pre-assessing your plans: if tax avoidance is the number one or only reason for your scheme we might have to disappoint you with a ‘Houston, we have a problem!’ before SARS does, the latter inclusive of fines, penalties, scheme reversals and a bad reputation with revenue collection agents. 

As taxpayers, our tax rands finance government services and the development of millions of fellow South Africans in various ways. DoughGetters commits to paying our fair share of taxes, and pledge to assist you in doing the same.   

we will:

Register your business for all required taxes

Help you plan to legally pay as little tax as possible

Assist in calculating your tax liabilities

Remind you to pay your taxes on time, every time

Support you to build a solid track record with SARS

The DoughGetters Accounting™  tax bottom line?

If you wish to pay as little tax as possible, fully compliant with all tax legislation, DoughGetters is the accounting, business admin and cloud transition brand for you.

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Increase your employees’ wellness by paying your team on time, every time. Use payroll software that ximply works. SimplePay updates your Xero after you’ve given the green light. DoughGetters will train you to run your payroll or we will run it for you – your choice.

Should you choose our outsourced payroll service, it will include:

Payslips as regularly as your team needs to be paid

PAYE and UIF returns to SARS, monthly, six-monthly and annually - full compliance!

Department of Labour UIF registration and ongoing compliance

Registrations – Companies, NPCs, Trusts

Engage DoughGetters to help with your registration at the CIPC:

Companies for your businesses

Non-profit Companies (NPC) for your Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiatives

Regarding your NPC, we will assist with specialised registrations at SARS, as Public Benefit Organisation and for tax-deductible donation status, and your NPO registration at  Social Development. 

Trusts represent an effective estate planning and business continuity mechanism, we will help you register your trust, with the required long-term planning. Yes, we will also become your trusted trust accountant, thanks for asking.

What we do Coffee steam
What we do

All the benefits of a senior CFO without having to pay for the limo!

Your Independent CFO

Whether we collaborate with your financial manager, mentor her/him to become CFO (Chief Financial Officer), or take full, contracted responsibility for this stewardship role, we commit to bringing value-for-money to your business’ growth journey.

Get a cake roller for your dough, an independent CFO!

Ground your business in the cloud.