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Independent CFO

Clarity, connection and cash flow from the cloud

What we do

All the benefits of a senior CFO without having to pay for the limo!

Your Independent CFO

Whether we collaborate with your financial manager, mentor her/him to become CFO (Chief Financial Officer), or take full, contracted responsibility for this stewardship role, we commit to bringing value-for-money to your business’ growth journey.

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Innovation is the future, now

The DoughGetters menu: financial decision-making support, bookkeeping, accounting, tax, payroll and company secretarial support.

Xero is a key ingredient in your success recipe. Xero’s beautiful cloud accounting solution is real-time, designed with you, the business user, in mind. Log in anytime, anywhere, from any device.

DoughGetters’ digital accountants design your financial system with Xero at the centre [baked, wholesome bread] integratable with hundreds of possible apps [butter, spreads, preserves] to remove your unnecessary business admin.

We want you, as business owner, to taste this beautiful ximplicity as you grow your people, customer base, profits and cash.

Get a cake roller for your dough, an independent CFO!

Ground your business in the cloud.