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This is where my story meets DoughGetters Accounting

This is where my story meets DoughGetters Accounting

YES, miracles do come true!
Written by Rizwana Suliman, DoughGetters Accounting Franchise Owner

My mum has always been my north star. Memories of my childhood are filled with her working multiple jobs 7 days a week to raise me and constantly sacrificing so that I could get a good education. Though formal education was something she never had the privilege of, she always had this burning desire to learn and push her limits. As much as she worked hard, she was a strong advocate of self-education, working smart and being the best Muslim possible. She passed on great lessons but the one I am reminded of every day is “it’s not your aptitude, it’s your attitude that will determine your altitude”. And that’s what I am made of! Ambitious and determined as ever to make her name shine bright and create a legacy for my future children.

Although I have been in practice as a Professional Accountant (SA) and Tax Practitioner for over a decade, my company was formally established in 2016, the year in which I lost my north star.

The ride was tough, it would be an understatement to say this 16-year career was filled with the shedding of blood, sweat and tears!

In 2018, after already spending 4 years creating a paperless accounting practice, I had this burning desire to build an online business. With no solid idea on how to do this, my husband and I left Durban and moved to Johannesburg.

With each passing day, the idea of running a business 100% online using cutting-edge technology and automation excited me. Many people fear the approaching AI of the 4th Industrial Revolution… but no… not me! If anything I would love to revolutionize the way businesses and finances are operated using advanced machine-learning and artificial intelligence.

This is where my story meets that of DoughGetters Accounting.

From the moment I discovered them it seemed like a match made in heaven, completely Godsent. They are everything I stand for and everything I want to be as a digital accountant and as a business owner. My interaction with DoughGetters Accounting has been filled with overwhelming friendliness, love and a deep passion to help. I can only imagine if they treat their people this way, how truly loved and valued each of their clients must be.

Besides having a super fun and adorable brand concept, their vision of doing business and enhancing their clients’ businesses is unique. Beyond the great technology they whip up, I found them to be very people-centric. Ironically, in today’s post-Covid and AI-driven world putting people and clients first in everything we do is more valuable than ever before.

This is their magic ingredient from my perspective.

On a lighter note… I’m an aspiring Masterchef and an avid reader. Serving my husband and spending every bit of time I have with him is what I live for… my knight in shining armor, my sunshine and my rock… my miracle husband, Shabeer.Until we meet again, remember:

“Your association determines your acceleration.”