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Team D’OH is expanding

Michael Schiffman Family

Team D’OH is expanding

Team D’OH is expanding, creating more capacity, diversifying our toolkit, creating more opportunities to break bread ? ? with our current and future clients.?☕️☕️

We would like to give a warm welcome to our newest Franchisee Partner at DoughGetters Accounting, Michael Schiffman.

Husband and father of 3, Michael loves spending time with his family and watching his favourite soccer team, Manchester United with his boys. ⚽️

Based in Joburg? and equipped to work 100% in the cloud, Michael is able to do what he enjoys doing best as a CA;  ? interacting with clients across borders and helping them solve problems by using the best technology where possible.☁️ ? ?

Before joining DoughGetters Accounting Michael spent majority of his time working in a management role for two private companies in the pharmaceutical and IT sectors.

So why did he join DoughGetters⁉️

“Besides for the quirkiness of the brand and the ability it provides in expressing innovation of accountancy, I believe that by joining a winning team gives you a competitive edge. Being part of Team D’OH allows me to concentrate on my strengths, utilise the skills of my colleagues in their strengths and visa versa as we work towards the same goal…delivering a value-centric service to our clients!” says Michael.

When asked what is his favourite scene in a movie he responded: “In the poker movie Rounders when John Malkovich (Teddy) says ‘He beat me straight up, pay him, pay that man his money’ to Matt Damon”

Welcome to the DoughGetters family ? Schiffman family!