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Attributed to those who cleared the road by Willem Haarhoff

Written by Willem Haarhoff

The 3rd March 2021 was a very sad day for me. It was also a very happy day because our team were awarded with the SA Xero Partner of the Year award for 2021. How do you celebrate when you are mourning the loss of someone that impacted your life in such a big way?


As I continue to reflect on this question, I am starting to think that it is perfectly ok to be sad and happy at the same time. Why not? So to position this post, the question is how do you succeed in business?



I think you need the following ingredients:

(1) clients – they are the heroes in our story. We are honoured to guide them along their journey towards business greatness;

(2) a clear mission and a strong desire to win – this is how you stay motivated to get out of bed every morning and keep your team motivated;

(3) a loyal team  – it is never about just one or two people. No one lives on an island and no one can ever claim a monopoly over knowledge, experience and innovation;

(4) a vibrant community of other business professionals – this is how we remain focussed and stay on our toes, shaping each other like iron sharpens iron;

(5) technology partners – there are so many beautiful technology solution providers and we will continue to promote them to our community. This is one of the ways how we can scale our business.



You need strong mentors and guides


I am convinced that most importantly, you need strong mentors and guides in your own life who believe in you and who creates the environment for you to flourish and develop as a well rounded professional. They do not break you down or hold you back. They push you forward (sometimes beyond what you might find to be comfortable), they give you open and honest feedback when you go off course, they clear the road for you.


Seyi Bickersteth was one of those people in my life. My Oga Lord Seyi – thank you for being a mentor to me. You have left a permanent mark on my life. I will miss you. More importantly, I will continue to make you proud and carry forward your legacy. Thank you Sir!



Xero – you continue to clear the path for us.


Finally, to Xero, our Digital Accounting Platform – without you our business would not have been where it is today. You have created opportunities for us to grow. You continue to clear the path for us. You push us forward beyond what we sometimes feel comfortable with. You continue to believe in us. You also continue to remind us that we should keep our feet firmly planted on the ground through your conduct and how you treat your partners. Thank you!



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