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9 Advantages of an iPad POS System for Restaurants

iKentoo, the iPad POS specialist explains the advantages of an iPad-based POS system for restaurants

Whether you are thinking about switching to an iPad-based POS or you just did, it is important to compare the different solutions on the market. As you might have noticed, touch POS systems have become very popular. But how can your restaurant benefit from using them, and more precisely, what are the advantages of an iPad-based POS system?

1. Speed

Order-taking is way faster on an iPad. Furthermore, any changes and corrections can be done in a few clicks. And if you add a management and analysis system such as the one we developed at iKentoo (the Back-Office), you’ll also save time thanks to real-time data sharing between the POS and the management platform.

2. Flexibility

Same here: you can modify articles or reopen an order in just a few clicks on your POS. In addition, the architecture of an iPad-based POS solutions allows you to easily connect it to other systems. This is what iKentoo does with numerous third-party solutions – our “Integrations”. And with an open API, you’ll be able to further personalize your system by connecting it to other softwares.

3. Customization

Having things work the way you want them to is important for any restaurateur, and with iKentoo it is easy. Customization for us starts when you create your articles in the Back-Office and also includes the choice of placement and color of the buttons on the POS screen, for example. iPad POS solutions have the added benefit of being intuitive and ergonomic, and typically let you add mobile devices for order-taking on the go. It’s a great way to save time.

4. Size and Design

When looking at an iPad-based POS, the small size and pleasant design doesn’t go unnoticed. But small doesn’t rhyme with less – on the contrary. In fact, the iPad format presents a number of advantages, such as using its camera to scan your articles’ or loyalty cards’ QR codes. And the vast option of other devices (cash drawers, printers, iPad stands etc.) that you can connect to the system further increases its flexibility.

5. Remote Support and Updates

This is a big one. Whether we’re talking about a VAT rate change or rolling out new features to address evolving legal requirements, we can update the system remotelyin real time and at no additional cost. Your POS will always be up-to-date!

6. Data Presentation

Thanks the iPad POS’s touch screen, it is very easy to view a large amount of data. With iKentoo, you can for example retrieve open accounts and check table status on the floor plan, as well as take a look at all of your receipts for the day.

7. Price

Who doesn’t like a good deal? Well, thanks to cheaper and standardized hardware, as well as the ease of technical support and updates, the cost of an iPad POS systems to restaurateurs is greatly decreased compared to a traditional POS solution. Remote updates make it possible to avoid having to pay a technician for an on-site visit. The same applies to the preconfigured hardware (“Plug and Play”) provided by iKentoo.

8. Better Customer Service

Thanks to the data collected in your Back-Office, you’ll be able to estimate and predict demand at all time. Similarly, with the ability to maintain and update client files in your CRM will help you manage your customer relationships and provide your clients with better service.

9. Security

Because of the high volume of monetary transactions made on POS, they have unfortunately become an ever more attractive target for hackers. Recently, a security flaw was discovered in a leading traditional POS company’s software, which exposed restaurateurs to a much higher risk of hacks. With iKentoo all of your data is encrypted by the iOS (operating system of the iPad), protected by a sandbox (security mechanism) and further encrypted by a key that is unique to each POS! While nothing is truly hack-proof, a well-designed iPad POS system offers many cryptographic advantages.

And these are only some of the benefits of using an iPad-based POS system such as iKentoo. Each one of our customers could add to this list based on their usage!

Source: https://www.ikentoo.com/en/news-blog/9-advantages-of-an-ipad-pos-system-for-restaurants

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