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Clarity, connection and cash flow from the cloud

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Taste beautiful accounting, wholesome & delicious.


Real-time, business-user-friendly financial info is like a good, freshly baked sourdough bread – distinct aroma, taste, texture. Wholesome and delicious. This is why DoughGetters chose Xero.

Business decisions are like travel decisions: where do you want to go, where are you now and how to get from here to there? Blending Xero and the best business admin and finance apps relevant to your business, DoughGetters helps you know exactly where you are, at this moment, and what you need to do to realise your business and financial goals.

Your vast improvements in admin and financial efficiency also frees our hands, as your accountants and business advisors. Being substantially free from routine and repetitive work allows us to spend more time reviewing and thinking about your financial results, to generate value-adding insights into your business’ sustainable growth journey.

Some of the artisanal outputs available from DoughGetters’ care-bakers:

Annual Financial Statements compilation, analysis & discussion, compliant with all legislation applicable to your business

Management accounts, when you want it, customised as you want it

Budgets & financial forecasts, including a discussion about your budget vs actual analysis, and scenario planning

Business plans, ensuring that your financial projections mirror the story-line woven by your business’ strategic framework, like a golden thread

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Innovation is the future, now

The DoughGetters menu: financial decision-making support, bookkeeping, accounting, tax, payroll and company secretarial support.

Xero is a key ingredient in your success recipe. Xero’s beautiful cloud accounting solution is real-time, designed with you, the business user, in mind. Log in anytime, anywhere, from any device.

DoughGetters’ digital accountants design your financial system with Xero at the centre [baked, wholesome bread] integratable with hundreds of possible apps [butter, spreads, preserves] to remove your unnecessary business admin.

We want you, as business owner, to taste this beautiful ximplicity as you grow your people, customer base, profits and cash.

Get a cake roller for your dough, an independent CFO!

Ground your business in the cloud.